Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Keep Your Rabbit Healthy

By: Tom

Due to most rabbits being kept outside in rabbit hutches, small changes may go unnoticed, which is why it's important to check your rabbit regularly for any key signs of deteriorating health. Here are a few key things to be looking out for when you take your rabbit out of its rabbit hutch to play:

Firstly, you should be having contact with your rabbit daily so that you are fully aware of what he looks like physically, as this will make you more alert to any sudden changes in his appearance. Check his eyes weekly to see if there is any discharge; inside his ears to make sure there is no dry skin, discharge or bumps; his paws for any sores and his toenails to ensure they are the correct length; and finally check his teeth to make sure there are no teeth missing or chipped teeth.

When you have him out of the hutch and you're stroking him, playing with him and so on, keep your eyes and hands alert for any lumps, bumps, bruises or cuts. Equally, if his fur appears to be quite matted or dirty, particularly around the genital area then you should be washing him with special rabbit shampoo to ensure cleanliness.

Monitor how your rabbit moves within his rabbit cage and outside and if you notice any limping, not lying down or other odd behaviour you should consult your vet immediately. Equally, it's important your rabbit is able to move freely around his rabbit hutch as exercise and movement is important to keep their joints healthy. It's a good idea to have a covered rabbit run for during the day, with an attached rabbit cage for night, so you can shut off the run to avoid attacks from predators, e.g. foxes. Ideas-4-Pets offer a fantastic selection of rabbit hutches perfect for keeping your rabbit happy and healthy. And what's more, all of our prices include delivery and VAT charges!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tips on how to Decide on and Purchase a Bunny Home

By: RabbitLady

The best decision for any rabbit owner is to invest in a rabbit hutch that is the biggest and the perfect house available that you can afford. Small cages which can be barely as large as the bunny don't allow the pet enough space to move about or get enough exercise. In the event you're uneasy about your pet obtaining the exercise he desires, then consider getting a house that also has a rabbit run with it.

You'll want to have a location for him that's sufficient enough to meet up with his needs regardless of how warm or cool the location is wherever the bunny will reside. When you are shopping to purchase a bunny pin, you should factor in the lifespan of your pet.

Most bunnies do have longevity with an average lifespan of ten years however some have been known to live as long as fifteen years or more. You'll need to get a pin that's solidly designed and can stand up to the rigors of time, especially if you plan to use the house outdoors.

Due to the fact rabbits do gnaw and bite, you need to be certain that the kind of rabbit hutch you buy doesn't consist of material which might be dangerous for the bunny to consume. Particular kinds of wood are poisonous to bunnies as are some sorts of sealant that the wood is covered with.

Since bunnies can have a tendency to be messy animals, you'll need a cage that doesn't make you fear cleaning up after the pet. Most cages have slide out bottoms or litter trays that may be taken out and quickly cleaned and disinfected. Also know that rabbits have a tendency to kick their droppings out from the cage if it's not kept clean enough to fit them.

If the bunny pin is placed outside in the backyard, make sure it offers sufficient protection from the weather. Bunny hutches which have wire on the bottom can harm the rabbits' feet so in case you happen to choose one with a wire floor, you'll have to protect it to defend the pet. Considering most predators are nocturnal, if your bunny is left outside after dark, he could be a target so you'll need to guantee that he's guarded from other animals.

When attempting to buy a bunny home and make the best decision, consider how many rabbits you intend to keep in the hutch. If you plan to keep a male and female jointly, since they are quick and hardy breeders, it's possible you'll find yourself with far more bunnies than you desire.

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Best Tips In Having Rabbits Pets At Home

By: Thomas Robertson

People who want to raise rabbit pets sometimes wonder about raising techniques. One of the several things to remember is rabbit care. The issue is this - how can raisers completely give proper care for rabbits? Giving rabbits the most proper attention also means giving them their basic in order to live happy and healthy. These helpful tips are absolutely easy to follow for pet owners and rabbit aficionados.

For the most part, be able to provide rabbits with appropriate food supply. Bringing them proper foodstuff means proper nutrition for their sustained survival. Lots of rabbit owners likely provide food even without finding out if the foodstuff is essential or just unsafe for the rabbit pets.

Nowadays, lots of commercially produced rabbit foods are positively promoted. Conversely, pet owners must be aware of this because some of these commercial rabbit foods can be deceiving and cannot really provide the right nutrients to your pet. So, as a pet owner, you must learn what is essential and know the nutrients that rabbit pets actually need.

A rabbit's digestive system needs a stable diet. When they have eaten anything beyond their usual diet, it can pose health troubles on the rabbit pets. They can consume fresh hay, oat, timothy, alfalfa or grass hay. These are top sources of rabbit diet. These are needed to maintain the balance of their digestion. The absence of hay can mean enduring effects inside their frail digestive system.

Another main rabbit food sources are pellets. It can be the pure pellets, pellets with seeds or pellets with treats and either of these you can get for your rabbit pets to eat. These veggies and fruits are better food sources but remember to give these to your rabbit pets as moderate and regulated as possible because the sugar content of these foods can also affect the rabbit's health. Fruits and veggies are suggested for bunnies after six months of their existence.

Rabbit care likewise includes a nice shelter for them to stay. Ideally, rabbit cages or shelters should be a safe place or location which is for them to roam around and will provide them with a secured environment from any environmental and weather risks such as extreme coldness, severe temperature and impending predators. Furthermore, it is significant to know the type of cage that will be suitable for your pet. You can choose for rabbit pets, either a wire or a wooden cage.

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What are the Things that Considered as Rabbit Food?

By: Chris

If you are wondering what would make as general rabbit food, then you should read on. Feeding the right stuffs for this pet to eat is extremely important as it will ensure health and if it is still young, it will grow stronger on nutrients provided.

Usually the thing that may enter your mind when it comes to rabbit food is carrots. Yes, carrots are one of those foods that these bunnies munch on but there are more in the list. Grass hay should be fed to both the baby, young and adult rabbits. This is essential in helping the intestinal muscle movements. The hay is acting as fibres in the intestines to ensure good digestion. Other than that,the diet should also include pellets. These are commercialised food that contains fibre, protein, fat, calcium and alfalfa that the pet needs for its strength and health. Fresh vegetables make great rabbit food. Apart from the famous carrot, these cute pet feeds on broccoli, spinach, tomato, mint, basil, parsley and lettuce with dark leaves. It also takes in just about any green and leafy vegetables. However one thing to bear in mind is that only fresh ones should be given to the rabbit as stale ones could make it sick. The thing to remember is to never feed it what you yourself do not eat. Freshness of the food is very important if you want a happy pet and not a sick one. Fresh fruits could also be fed but it could not be overdone as it will cause intestinal problems in the pet. Fruits that could be in the diet are mango, banana, plum, peach, papaya, pineapple, apple and berries.

The normal treats and snacks that could be fed to some pets are not suitable to give to rabbits. Food like cookies, nuts, seeds and cereals should be away from the list of food for these hopping mammals.

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