Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alfalfa Hay For Small Animals

By: Stepphanie

 Photo by: bronzephoenix
Alfalfa hay is legume hay that contains more protein, digestible energy and calcium than any other forage. This hay is perfect for young herbivores and makes a perfect treat for adult herbivores.

Alfalfa Hay is a high fibre hay is a high fibre legume forage that is sometimes called the "Queen of Forages" It's different from timothy hay in its leaf, stem and root structure. Alfalfa hay is legume hay and the protein, calcium and content are higher than in grass hay. Because it is bailed at night, special care is taken. Alfalfa hay has a soft stem with leaves attached.

Alfalfa is a perfect hay to feed young animals. It contains a lot more crude protein, digestible energy and calcium levels than most other forages, also it has the fibre content needed for normal digestive functioning. Alfalfa provides the right amount of essential calcium for growing bones. Alfalfa is also a source of important materials, including phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, zinc, and selenium.

Because of its succulent taste, this alfalfa hay can be used as an appetite stimulant when an animal happens to be ill or coming out of surgery, because it is so high in fibre, a small pinch can be given as a treat.

Feeding Directions:

Growing animals (Under the age of 6 months):

Unlimited amounts plus free choice of grass hay
Alfalfa hay should only really be offered carefully to adult rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas due to the higher protein and calcium content. Many vets believe that animals prone to kidney stones, bladder stones or calcium crystals in their urine should always avoid alfalfa hay.

-Alfalfa hay can be used to help animals to gain wait, and will give a nice shine to their fur.

-Elderly animals should be fed foods that they enjoy, such as alfalfa, when considering quality of life.

-Alfalfa Hay can be used in small amounts as an appetite stimulant for thin or convalescing animals.

-Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas under six months of age can be given alfalfa hay daily.

-After six months of age an animal should begin a gradual transition to 100% grass hays such as Timothy Hay

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