Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pet Rabbit Care; 4 Basic Tips to Get You Started

By: DA Southern

Pet Rabbits care and concern should be paramount, especially if you are getting someone in yourfamily a Rabbit for a Birthday or Holiday present. While the Disney movies always make the fluffy little rascals so cute, there are some basic that you have to be aware of before bringing them home to be loved and cared for.First, you have to realize that rabbits are creatures that like to roam in groups, by and large. Additionally, the usually stay within a region as a creature and are not know to wander far from that area they are familiar with. Because the nature of rabbits are of a fairly docile creature, they are usually easy game for prey.With house rabbits, you have got to know a bit of the history so you can accommodate them as a pet. With that in mind, let's look at 5 basics to keep them happy in your home.First, their home. Rabbits don't like to be caged all day, but they must feel safe. Many like the idea of a larger cage that the rabbit can go in and out of and allow the rabbits to roam. Be sure to make sure you rabbit-proof the home and give them something to use for waste. Believe ti or not, rabbits will use litter boxes, just make sure they don't share it with a cat...that is trouble with a capital "T".Second, use anything but Cedar, as it can harm rabbits, for their bedding. They love a soft blanket that they can nest in. I have seen may take old towels and cut into several nice size shapes and let the rabbit arrange as he chooses.Third, rabbits are vegetable lovers, so resist the need to give them stuff you think they might like. This means that your favorite house plant will look good to them, so just be aware. Know that Rabbits have small digestive tracts and you have to be careful to give them too much as they will eat most anything if you let them. The idea that the furry little friends only will eat lettuce is not so much true as lettuce does nt haove a lot of nutritional value. Let the eat other veggies as well such as; carrot tops, spinach, broccoli, and other green vegetables. Vary it up and your pet Rabbit will love you. And don't forget the fresh water; and a clean, cool environment.Fourth, the handling of your pet Rabbit. Remember that Rabbits are very sensitive creatures, especially with their ears and eyes as those are their predator defense mechanisms. Their ears are an indicator as to what they are sensing as the ears will stand up when they sense something. Respect their senses and never pick them up by their ears. Always place a hand under their chest between the front feet and the other hand under their butt. This will give them a comforting feeling and allow them to feel safe with you. Also, never touch their nose.A Rabbit is a pet that could live anywhere from 7 to 10 years on the average with proper care, with some rabbits living into the teens. Take care of them and, like any other pet in your home, they will probably become a treasured member of the family adored by all.

DA Southern is not a Doctor and doesn't even play one on TV, but has had a long obsession with pets and their care as a result of many years working with various Animal Rescue Organizations. Visit him at his blog and get involved with the Pet Care Newsletter.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Peter's Woven Grass Pet Bed

Peter's woven grass pet bed is the ultimate in natural grass cage accessories, that protects your pets sensititve paws from wire cage bottoms and is safe to chew. Try using it as a natural bowl to contain your peter's Timothy Hay or meadow mix forage hay. Buy here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lots Of Fun For Your Bunny

Peter's woven grass mat is the ultimate in natural grass cage accessories, that protects your pets sensititve paws from wire cage bottoms and is safe to chew.

Great size and texture for your bunny! I bought 3 of them, and it's a good thing I did. I was hoping to provide my bunny with a comfortable bed that she could occasionally play with. The only bad thing was, she ripped it apart it in less than a day! She did have a lot of fun with it though. :) Overall, great product, maybe not as a bed though if your bunny is like mine--amo est vivo "bunny mommy" Buy it now.

Peter's Woven Grass Play Ball

The Peters Woven Grass Play Ball is excellent for bunnies. I have a lion head rabbit named George and I needed something that he would like to keep him from getting bord. He just loved it. This product is and excellent play toy for rabbits.--M. Hughes

Bungalow Edible Environt For Rabbit

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Learn About Your Rabbit Social Needs

This video will show rabbit care and discuss social needs for a rabbit. The social life a rabbit has is equally important as the ones we as humans have with others.

Rabbit Diet Guide

Rabbit Diet Guide
This video will show rabbit care and how to choose the proper diet for a rabbit.

Handling A Rabbit Videos

This video shows rabbit care and how to handle your rabbit. Reviewed in this short video are the proper ways to pick up a rabbit and support them to best avoid injury.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Indoor Rabbit Cages Guide

By: Andri Duff

Possessing an indoor rabbit cage for your rabbit is a wonderful plan on the assumption that you prefer to stay your rabbit inside the home. Bunny rabbit create groovy animal companion, and could easily be maintained inside the house, and if you thoroughly bunny rabbit proof your home, they may love a unrestricted run.

Believe it or not bunny rabbit are relatively without difficulty letter box trained, so it's not rare for people that at that place bunny rabbit run unrestricted inside their home. It's not right to allow your bunny rabbit running unrestricted day in and day out since they by nature enjoy to have a space of safe haven, wherever they may sleep and find safety.

There are a lot of various alternatives for indoor rabbit cages on the marketplace nowadays, but numerous of them aren’t very good pick. There are numerous that are large sufficient, and have wire floorings, although this causes cleaning more simpler, it does not provide good comfortableness for your bunny rabbit.

About indoor bunny rabbit cages size,you had better always get the largest cages that you are able to for your bunny rabbit, larger is unquestionably finer in this situation. If your bunny rabbit is going to stay most of its time and inside its cage, so this is particularly true. Always try to have a cage that is the bare minimal of 4 times the size of your bunny rabbit. If you've a littler bunny rabbit, then you can apply this as a example. You'll need a twenty-four” x thirty-six” cage or so for a smaller bunny rabbit(less than 8 pounds).

For bigger bunny rabbit (heavier than eight pounds), you'll require a cage that's at the least 30” x 36”. The height of an indoor rabbit cage should allow the rabbit to sit up straight, without its ears touching the top. The minimum height I would recommend for your indoor rabbit cage would be 40 cm, but this only a guide. Please use you discretion and if in doubt go for the taller cage.

A lot of people choose for multiple floor bunny rabbit cage with ramps connecting the levels. This grants the bunny rabbit a lot extra room without borrowing more room inside your home.
Owning a wire flooring inside your bunny rabbit cage isn't a good plan if you would like to give comfortableness for your bunny rabbit. While having a wire bed with a pull out and makes for simpler cleaning, it's not all of the time necessary as bunnies are easily litter box trained. If you do add a cage with a wire floor and it had better cover up the floor with wood, or a matting which can give good traction for your rabbits as well as comfortableness.
You had better make certain that the access to the cage is large sufficient for you are able to get the litter box in and out of it. It is likely a wonderful recommendation for you to have a cage with a side door on it, rather than a top opening. This will make it more simpler for you to get the bunny rabbit in and out of the cage, as well as allow the bunny rabbit to escape of the cage by himself if he is a free roamer.

You need to make certain that every of the edges on the opening of the cage are covered so the bunny rabbit won't get injure, and you'll not get scratched up either.

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