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By: Brandon Lucero

Breeding rabbits is a very fun hobby and some even do it as a business, job, or career. You can profit from and there are many reasons to breed rabbits. You can breed them for profit, meat, fun, money, or hobby. Whatever your reason there are always guidelines you should follow and you should always put the rabbit's safety first. You want to be responsible about it and take care of the rabbits because the healthier they are the better outcome you get. You should always find a good guide or book on how to breed rabbits if this is your first time, a good resource is []. They have some guides, and a lot of tips for breeding rabbits successfully.
The first tip to breeding rabbits successfully is feeding them the appropriate food. You always want to take care of you doe and feed her properly because she is the one raising the babies. If she is eating bad food the babies can develop some birth defects and her milk may not be filled with the proper nutrients that the babies will need in order to survive after birth. It is best to find a guide or ebook that will cover the proper food for the breeding process.
Another tip is to bring the doe to the buck when starting the breeding process. Doe's can get pretty protective of their homes and they may hiss and become aggressive when the buck arrives. The buck should just be around for the breeding process and then separated from the doe. They do not need very much time to breed.
You should also keep the doe's cage or hutch very clean. You want to eliminate any chance of your doe becoming sick. A sick doe can lead to the death of your baby rabbits or to the mother rabbit herself. A clean environment gives your rabbits the best chances of survival and the best chance to remain healthy. This means making sure they have clean water, you clean up their dirty cage items such as feces, and urine.
These are just some tips to help you along your way of breeding rabbits and bunnies, but this is by no means a complete guide on what you need to do to raise and be successful at breeding rabbits. In order to raise and breed rabbits you should get a guide or eBook that will cover all subjects and processes.

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