Thursday, November 21, 2013


By: Adam Greenburg

Because of their fur, rabbits get hot easily. This is especially so during summertime when the air is hotter. It can become so hot that a lot of rabbits get sick. To prevent this from happening, the rabbit cage should be placed somewhere cool and they should be given plenty of fresh cool water.
Having air conditioning is an advantage but if this is not available, cool air can be provided through the use of an electric fan. If there are no signs that the rabbits have cooled down, then it is better to have them checked by a doctor. Watch out for the following signs of overheating in your rabbits.
Taking the rabbit's temperature by using a thermometer is still the best way to know if the rabbit is overheated. It is easy to use and you can always ask instructions from your veterinarian if you encounter problems in using a thermometer. You will need another person to hold the rabbit while you take the temperature by inserting the thermometer one inch into the rabbit's rectal area.
Thermometers made of glass usually need to be left inside the rectum for a minute while a digital thermometer takes much lesser time. A digital thermometer is better to use because it is safer and easier to handle. Remember that the normal rectal temperature of rabbits is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and if goes beyond that then your rabbit is experiencing too much heat and should be taken to the doctor.
By watching your rabbit carefully, you can see whether he is overheated or not. If he experiences difficulty in breathing and tilts his head, then he is feeling very hot and must be cared for and given medication immediately.
You need to alleviate your rabbit's condition before transporting him to the animal clinic because air inside the car is hotter and will add to the rabbit's misery. Pat his ears with a wet cool cloth and sprinkle him with a little amount of water without drenching him.

For a gravely ill and severely overheated rabbit, a cool bath is suitable but do not submerge him completely into the water. Be very careful in handling the rabbit because he is probably in pain and too much difficulty. Your immediate and proper emergency care can mean a lot to the survival of your rabbit that is suffering from overheating.

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